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Vu VideoBar

The All-In-One Videoconferencing System

The Vu VideoBar is an All-in-One videoconferencing system. It combines a high-end 4K ePTZ Camera (with Auto Framing and Active Speaker Tracking), 6 Microphones and 2 x 7 watt Speakers in a Single Device. Like all Vu Videoconferencing products that Vu VideoBar connects to a Windows 10 machine or a MacBook allowing you to run any video conferencing software be it Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, BlueJeans and much more.


4K ePTZ Camera with a Remote Control

It features a High Resolution 4K Camera with a 8MP Sensor. It comes with a Remote Control for ePTZ control of the Camera with a Lossless Zoom of 5X.

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120° FOV, Active Speaker Tracking & Auto-Framing

The Vu VideoBar leverages the fact that the Audio and Video are integrated into one unit and delivers Active Speaker Tracking. In this mode within a few seconds, the camera switches to and focuses on the person speaking. It also features Auto Framing that automatically fits all participants in a room without the need to manually adjust the camera. The camera has a 120° lens that captures a wide area.


6 microphones with Noise Removal and Echo Cancellation

The Vu VideoBar consists of 6 beam forming Microphones forming 6 Acoustic Beams with Built-in Voice Activity Detection. It features Built-in Noise Removal, Echo cancellation and Automated Gain Correction Technology

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2 x 7 watt speakers

The Vu VideoBar comes with 2 x 7 watt Speakers for Crystal Clear Audio


Built-in AV Processor

The Vu VideoBar comes with the unique AV processor Technology from Vu which connects a User’s Windows 10 laptop or MacBook to the Vu VideoBar, the TV and the Ethernet Network via a Single USB Cable without the need to install any software.




Compare with

Logitech, Poly and Crestron



Built-in Camera

- 8 megapixel 4K CMOS Sensor
- 120° field of vision
- ePTZ support with 5X zoom
- Infrared Remote Control for ePTZ
- Active Speaker Tracking
- Autoframing

Built-in Microphones + Speakers

- 6 microphones
- 18 feet audio pickup distance

- 2 x 7 watt support
- Built-in Noise Removal, Echo Cancellation and Automated Gain Correction


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