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Vu Interactive Displays

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Vu Interactive Displays - Featuring a high definition 4K resolution display and an advanced digital whiteboard, the Vu Interactive Display delivers incredible collaborative capabilities for meeting rooms. With built-in touch capability and up to 20 touch points, content creation and sharing is quick and easy. 

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Point Touch

Windows and Mac


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All-in-one Interactive Whiteboard

Up to 20 touch points to allow multiple people to write, edit and draw on-screen simultaneously. Compared with traditional desktop machines, our LED interactive touch board have less connection line and more integration. It doesn’t need projector to show presentation, but it has interactive UHD screen, built-in PC and speaker included 
in and with better display effect. It is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand. 

Touch Redirect from 
Vu Interactive Display

Connect your Laptop / PC to Vu interactive display and control your Laptop screen  directly from the touch screen. Now you can directly connect your Windows Laptop or Mac Book to Vu Interactive screen with the help of single USB - C type cable, where you not only mirror or extend your laptop display but also you can touch and control your laptop from Vu interactive display. You can drag and drop, zoom in 
zoom out, use whiteboard, maps drawing and many thing you can do with Vu interactive screen.

High Reliability

Precisely crafted for continuous use in public environment, Anti glare glass, multi-touch interactive display has implemented the metal construction paired with 7H tempered glass to provide a high-level of scratch resistance, durability and easy maintenance for long usage. Besides, the Anti-Burn-in technology makes it possible to prevent image ghosting even after lengthy operation in commercial environments.

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Excellent 4K Resolution

Ultra High definition with highest brightness panel in industry. High grade light management optical polarized film that increases the brightness, contrast and provides deeper-looking colors of LED display. Matt black panel with uniform brightness calibration from lower to maximum intensity give better text clarity.

Fast and Accurate Handwriting

Adopt super sensitive IR touch technology, increase the touch accuracy. Using high sensitivity and faster response time, you can smoothly write on the screen. Additionally, antiglare glass gives you more comfortable handwriting experience.

Built-in PC

The built-in core i5 processor with 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM and Windows 10 operating 
system, delivers even more powerful computing and an even greater interactive experience. 

Interactive Displays: Features

Safety Glasss

3.5mm Anti Glare Toughened Glass

20 Point Touch

Upto 20 Point Touch Registrations

Metal Frame

Narrow Bezel

3-Touch Pens

One is held on screen bezel magnetically and second is pointer pen, third is normal pen

Plug and Play

All in One Design
HID compatible

Built-in Computer (Optional)

i5 Processor, 128GB SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows OS

USB, LAN & WiFi ports

for Built-in Computer

Windows & Mac Compatible

Single C-Type Cable to mirror your laptop

Touch Redirect

Let you annotate over any app or documents of your Laptops

Interactive Displays: Features
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TrolleyInteractive Displays.png

Wall Mount

Trolley Mount (Optional)

Interactive Displays: Services

Business Discussion

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Demo Center: 11am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)

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